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Why Regina Dominican?

A place where she can dream big and achieve more.

As experts in girls’ education, we are passionate about educating and empowering young women to be independent thinkers, relentless truth-seekers, and confident and compassionate leaders.

One of the best kept secrets on the North Shore, Regina Dominican is a premier independent girls’ high school built on Dominican values that can offer your daughter so much more than challenging academics.

Here are seven reasons why Regina Dominican could be the ideal choice for your daughter.

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A Joyful, Welcoming Environment

The number one thing our students love about Regina Dominican is the warm, welcoming, and supportive environment. We open our arms to students and families of all faiths and backgrounds. From the day she first walks into our school to experience our Shadow Days, she will be amazed at how openly she is welcomed by everyone in the building. The faculty, staff, fellow students, and even alumnae stand by her side. With that kind of support and attention, we give her the ability to explore in a safe place, so that her ambition has no bounds.

St. Dominic was known for his joyful attitude, which inspires us. There are so many roads to take on a life journey and we are driven to offer a happier, healthier path. We work hard to provide a joyful and fun learning environment, including plenty of social activities outside of the classroom setting to meet new friends and have fun.


Academic Excellence, Designed for Her

Not only do we offer a challenging academic curriculum, but every student follows an academic path tailored to her individual strengths. We challenge our students academically with programs like Allworth Scholars, Byrne Pathway, and the Leadership Institute. We meet them where they are in terms of skills, goals, and support. Our size allows us to be flexible, nimble, and most importantly customized to what your student needs. There’s no need for your daughter to fight for attention. With a more personal learning experience, we help her to achieve her highest academic potential.

And, our personalized academics model works. We can make a real, measurable impact on your student’s growth. From Freshman to Senior year, Regina Dominican students demonstrated on average a 17% increase in their national percentile rank academically. They also experience tremendous growth emotionally, and socially as evidenced by our student involvement data, and the Five Essentials Survey.

We extend that personalization to our college placement program as well, with our unique, in-depth college exploration, application, and placement process. Whether your student is interested in STEM, Fine Arts, Communications, or Business, we guide and advocate for her to move on to the perfect spot for her to grow and thrive. We know it’s successful because our 2023 graduates were accepted to 144 different colleges and Universities and earned $13,120,200 in scholarships. 

Regina Dominican Panther Pride
Opportunities to Learn, Lead, Serve, Explore and Connect

At Regina Dominican, we’ve removed barriers limiting opportunities, so your daughter can explore her interests and grow. Regina girls don’t sit still. We have a broad array of programs, academic and extracurricular, so whether she wants to try something new or continue to explore an interest she already loves, she is welcome to do so here. While 37% of our students choose to pursue STEM majors in college, Regina students are equally as passionate about the arts, pursuing their passions in dance, art, writing, and theater.

We continue to enhance our current academic offerings and experiences with the multiple partnerships we have built with other programs, schools, and the community. In addition, with 8 Honor Societies, 10 athletic teams, a strong fine arts program, over 35 clubs, multiple service projects, social events, and a vibrant alumni network, she has so much to explore.


Future Female Leaders Here

The world needs more female leaders. It starts here. We developed the Leadership Institute as a resource center with specific programming for girls to discover their voices, find their passions, and build the leadership skills needed for success. Unique to Regina Dominican, the Leadership Institute programs are designed for all our students to acquire, practice, apply and master the leadership skills critical for the next generation of female leaders.

As mentors to our future leaders, the Regina Dominican Alumnae offer strong support. We tap into our impressive Regina Dominican alumni of doctors, lawyers, nurses, artists, teachers, authors, chefs, politicians, engineers, dancers, and architects asking them to share their best advice and learnings with our future leaders in training, as well as experiential leadership opportunities.

 Regina Dominican Athletics

Meaningful Connections

“Regina Dominican is where all of my favorite people are.” From the moment your daughter meets someone new, to reconnecting again later in life, she will make lifelong friends at Regina Dominican. Walking into our school starting with her Shadow Day, she’ll feel seen and appreciated. She’ll meet her new best friends at the Freshman Retreat, so she’ll have someone to sit with at lunch on Day One. And, with our sports teams, clubs and programs, and 98% student involvement in at least one activity, she has a wide variety of opportunities to participate, make friends and build meaningful relationships with students, coaches, teachers, and staff.

Educating Minds, Strengthening Hearts

Our Dominican values are the foundation upon which we build our environment, programs, opportunities, and challenges for our students to become their best selves. Our students exemplify values represented by the Crown, the Star, and the Book, symbolizing empathy and service, a pursuit of truth, justice, and acceptance, as well as a pursuit of academic excellence and scholarship. The end result is Regina Dominican girls grow to be independent thinkers, relentless truth seekers and most importantly confident, compassionate, impactful leaders.

All Girls Leads to Better Results

All Girls Leads to Better Results

We understand how girls learn best and the support they need to thrive now and in the future. Our entire school is customized to the unique needs of young women striving to reach their greatest potential. Data, as well as 60+ years of experience shows that an all-girls environment is more effective at helping young women achieve their greatest potential than coeducational schools. Learn more about how all-girls leads to better results here


What’s Next?

Come see Regina Dominican for yourself. Register for a school tour or Shadow Day here.