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Byrne Pathway

Regina Dominican is committed to the academic success of every young woman admitted to the school. We take that commitment seriously and know that every student has different strengths, challenges, and educational goals.


Teaching excellence

That is why we launched the Byrne Pathway Program. We named it a “Pathway” because it does not represent a specific room, or a tracked program of classes, or a labeled group of students. Rather, the Byrne Pathway is an opportunity for qualifying students to be admitted to Regina Dominican and to thrive, with an individualized educational pathway designed specifically for her, with support tailored to her needs, allowing her to succeed and reach her highest academic potential.


For example, if a student has a significant learning disability in Math, she will receive additional resources and support in Math, but perhaps she doesn’t need that support in her other classes. This pathway allows students to get additional help where needed, and not feel limited in her academic journey.  


We have the ability to admit students who want the all-girls experience but with an educational journey that provides a level of support that will allow them to succeed and grow.



Who is eligible for support through the Byrne Pathway?


Students who have a documented Individualized Education Plan (IEP), 504 Plan, or a Catholic school education plan in certain diagnosis categories, and who are in need of accommodations or modifications of curriculum requirements are eligible for support through the Byrne Pathway.


As a Catholic school, rooted in Dominican values, we are called to meet all people with equal dignity and respect and to serve all to the best of our abilities. We answer that call by committing to the academic success of every young woman who is admitted to Regina Dominican, and we pledge our support and the resources needed to help her attain her educational goals. We are able to admit students who have certain documented and diagnosed “high incidence” conditions, including:


  • Specific learning disabilities such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, processing deficits
  • Developmental delay
  • Mild intellectual disabilities
  • Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)



Support and services not offered at Regina Dominican High School

Note: We are not staffed to support, and are therefore unable to offer admission to students with behavioral disorders (including but not limited to oppositional defiant disorder, intermittent explosive disorder, and school refusal).

Although our small and personalized environment is supportive, we do not provide a therapeutic educational program.



What services are included in the Byrne Pathway?


  • Access to the support of a licensed special education teacher (Learning Behavior Specialist) who will serve as her case manager and liaison, and as a teacher, co-teacher, or consultant in her academic classes, as defined by her IEP or Regina plan.
  • Resource study period with the LBS to receive assistance and academic coaching.
  • Individualized class schedule with co-taught classes provided where appropriate and needed.
  • Curriculum and assessments in identified areas of need are modified so the student can access the same concepts as their classmates.
  • Regina Dominican High School diploma, received by meeting all Illinois requirements. Graduation requirements may be modified as prescribed by her learning plan.
  • Fully included in school life, attending classes with general education friends in the least restrictive environment possible.
  • Weekly meetings with our school social worker for additional support and guidance.



Next steps


Want to learn more about the Byrne Pathway and how it could help your daughter or ready to apply? Take these next steps.


  • Attend a Regina Shadow Day, Girls Night In, and other Enrollment Department sponsored events to become familiar with our school resources and community.
  • Complete the application form on our Ravenna admissions portal.
  • Upload the required documents with a complete diagnosis and most recent educational recommendations. This would include:
    • The most current complete IEP, 504, or Catholic school educational plan
    • The most recent complete neuropsychological report
    • 7th and 8th grade Report Card
    • Standardized test scores from 7th and 8th grade
    • Any other data or progress monitoring information that has been done at her current school
    • Signed parental release for our staff to consult with school personnel or outside therapists, tutors, or academic coaches
  • Meet with Regina academic staff to discuss her educational needs and current accommodations in place.
  • Consent for Regina staff to visit her school and do a classroom observation.
  • Consent for Regina staff to attend her Spring IEP meeting or staffing, in order to participate in the transition to high school recommendations. 


The capacity of students admitted to Regina Dominican with support offered through the Byrne Pathway is limited, so we can provide the needed level of service to each admitted student. StudyingTherefore, we encourage you to apply as soon as possible for the following school year.


Note: In order to be eligible for admission, parents must disclose educational needs and provide the required documentation during the application process. If the needs are not disclosed, the student will be ineligible for Byrne Pathway services.


What happens once she is admitted?


All newly admitted Freshman students, including Byrne Pathway students, attend a course registration night when classes are selected and placement recommendations are made.


A student’s academic success at Regina Dominican is dependent on a strong, trusting partnership between the home and the school. We will work together as a team throughout her four years here in order to chart a course for her education that will help her succeed at the highest levels of her potential and allow her to meet her goals for post-secondary education.


We are excited to meet her!

For further information about the Byrne Pathway, please contact our Principal, Dr. Kassie Porreca. [email protected] or our Social Worker, Kelsey Norton-Nunez ‘16 at [email protected].