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Student Services/College Counseling

Student Services Department 

The mission of Regina Dominican High School’s Student Services Department is to provide a proactive,
comprehensive and developmentally appropriate program to empower students to reach their fullest potential. Counselors provide guidance for academic, behavioral, and social/emotional growth through individual and group counseling sessions. Counselors collaborate with teachers, parents, mental health providers and administrators to ensure that students are achieving personal success to enable them to be lifelong learners. 

Caritas Academic Resource is a non-credit bearing course that often takes the place of a traditional study hall. Entrance into the Caritas Study can be made by the sender school, parent, RDHS Admissions Team or the RDHS Student Assistance Team (SAT). This support program focuses on the development of study and organizational skills, project and test preparation, and homework completion. Weekly course grade monitoring with the student develops executive functioning and self-advocacy skills. Class size is small (with a maximum of 12 students per class).  The Caritas Academic Resource Study’s ultimate goal is to promote a successful and motivated learner. 

Caritas Academic Resource Study is available to any RDHS student.  If you have any questions, please reach out to the Student Services Department.

Educational Staffings address the academic needs or social-emotional concerns of struggling students. Parents, faculty members, and other appropriate participants are invited to attend a pre-arranged multidisciplinary conference to discuss a student’s learning challenges and help develop the proper course of action for academic/personal success.

Counselors are available to meet individually with students to help with the following:

  • Goal Setting
  • Academic Planning
  • Crisis Intervention and Behavior Management
  • Peer Relationships
  • Effective Social Skills
  • Study skills
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Stress Management

The following groups are designed to provide support and assistance to students and their families. If you are interested in a group or would like to learn more about one, please contact  your counselor in the Student Services Department.

  • Coping with Family Stress
  • Grief Support 
  • Coping Skills (anxiety)
  • Peer Relations (skill building)

Group Guidance provides counselors the opportunity to teach developmental guidance lessons at each class level.  Lessons include but are not limited to:

  • Drug/Alcohol Prevention and Substance Abuse Education
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Effective Communication /Conflict Resolution
  • Importance of Self-Advocacy
  • Mindfulness/Creating Balance 
  • Self-Care
  • Multicultural/Diversity Awareness
  • Academic Skill Support
  • Academic Course Planning
  • Learning Style Assessment
  • Career Awareness
  • College Planning
  • Standardized Testing Support
College Counseling - Your College Journey Starts Here

Our Mission

College Counseling at Regina Dominican is an individual process ensuring that each student meets her academic goals to be successfully prepared for college. During a student’s freshman year, her counselor introduces Naviance, a career and college readiness tool and highlights a four year individual academic plan to prepare her for college success. During junior and senior year, the college counselor works closely with students and parents to provide the guidance necessary in navigating the college application process as well as researching colleges and universities that meet each student’s academic goals.

Year-by-Year College Preparatory Process 

The college counselor works closely with the counseling staff in addressing the importance of academic rigor, as well as involvement in clubs, athletics, and service opportunities. Freshmen and Sophomores use the career interests inventory tools through Naviance to explore college and career matches.

Junior Year:
Juniors meet individually with the college counselor at the beginning of the year. The following
topics are discussed:

Overview of the college process
Review of high school performance
Discussion of academic interests

Standardized Test Planning
* Explanation of standardized testing procedures
* Review of Test Optional Colleges/Universities

Second Semester individual meetings with students and parents are held to :
Discuss Family expectations
Create a college list of safety, target , and reach schools
Register for college visits
Review of academic progress and standardized test scores
Applying for Financial Aid and Scholarships
Senior Year:
Seniors attend a summer workshop to review the college application process.
The workshop includes:

Review of College Choices
Navigating the Common Application
Identifying College Application Deadlines
Tips for writing a strong college essay
Requesting transcripts and letters of recommendations
Applying for scholarships
Financial aid process
Mock admission interviews
Seniors will have meetings throughout the year with the college counselor to review the