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Why All Girls?

The Power of All-Girls

If you want your daughter to reach her full potential, Regina Dominican is the school for you and your family.

Regina Dominican’s all-girls environment will give your daughter the confidence to push herself. Our faculty and staff will challenge your daughter to excel, teach her to be a confident leader in her community, and inspire her to live up to her full potential.
Regina Dominican is a school where your daughter can learn that there is enormous potential and power in being a girl, and nothing can stand in her way.

A recent Cornell University study found that only 4% of female students choose a college major in engineering, mathematics or the physical sciences, compared to 12% of male students. Regina Dominican students are changing this narrative. 46% of Regina Dominican's Class of 2020 chose a college major in the engineering, mathematics, physical sciences or health fields.

Students enrolled in single-sex environments report having more confidence than their peers at coeducational institutions. Some even report that their college professors can spot an all-girls school graduate.
- National Coalition of Girls Schools

95% of all-girls school students feel supported by their teachers. 90% of all-girls school students feel supported by other students.
- Dr. Richard A Holmgren, Allegheny College, Steeped in Learning: The Student Experience at All-Girls
80% strongly feel encouraged to develop their own interests.
- Dr. Michael Gurian, Supporting Your Daughter on Her Journey to Adulthood

93% of all-girls school graduates say they were offered greater leadership opportunities. 71% of women who attended all-girls schools went to college with the goal of furthering their education in graduate school.
- Linda Sax, Women Graduates of Single-Sex and Coeducational High Schools: Differences in Their Characteristics and the Transition to College
Three times as many alumnae of single-sex schools plan to become engineers.
- National Coalition of Girls Schools




News & Announcements

Building Her Tomorrow Featured Photo

Building Her Tomorrow

Regina Dominican officially announces capital campaign re-envisioning a new campus designed by renowned architect, Carol Ross Barney '66.
Senior, Melanie Ovalle, named an Evans Scholar Featured Photo

Senior, Melanie Ovalle, named an Evans Scholar

This year, a record 315 students from across the country have been awarded the Evans Scholarship, a prestigious full housing and tuition college grant offered to golf caddies. One of the 315 is Regina Dominican Senior, Melanie Ovalle.
Bowling Team received McDonell Award third year in a row Featured Photo

Bowling Team received McDonell Award third year in a row

This past week, Regina Dominican High School announced the winner of the McDonell Award, recognizing the athletic team with the highest collective Grade Point Average (GPA) during a given sports season, to the Bowling Panthers. This marks the 3rd straight year that the Bowling team has won this award.

At A Glance

  • 91% of students are accepted to their first-choice college/university
  • 70% of students participate in at least one sport
  • 8:1 student to faculty ratio
  • 21 fine arts course offerings and multiple performance opportunities