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Take a Seat Campaign


You can be a part of the Regina Dominican’s history by personalizing an auditorium seat in your name or that of a friend, loved one, classmate, favorite teacher or a fond Regina memory.

The Auditorium is where so many of your Regina memories are rooted – from the first school assembly of the academic year to the fall play, the variety show, ring day and, ultimately, graduation.

Now you and your family – or your Regina pals – can be a part of the school’s history.

We’ll install an engraved plaque on the hand rest of one or more seats in the auditorium featuring a name, memory or expression.

Each plaque will feature 30 characters per line (including spaces) and there is a two-line limit – but there is no limit on the number of seats you can personalize!

Did you and your friends always sit in the same row? It can be yours!

Was your friend the star of the school play? Then call her out on the nameplate – her name, the play and the year!

How about where your family was seated at graduation? Each family member can have their own personalized seat.

Have fun — a name, a nickname, a fond memory or even an expression from your Regina days. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:


Upon placing your order below, we will email you a receipt and a link to the inscription form where you will enter what each seat plaque should read.