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Freshman Applicants

Welcome! Interested in joining us at Regina Dominican? We want to see you in our next Freshman class. Here’s how.

Application Requirements
Regina Dominican encourages interested students to apply if they meet the below criteria: 

  • Applicant is required to be in good academic standing.
  • No disciplinary record (including suspensions, expulsions etc.).
  • Applicant must possess a demonstrated passion for the mission of Regina Dominican.

Application Process

The application process for incoming freshmen includes:

  • Schedule a Shadow Day or personalized tour of campus by clicking here.
  • Applicants must take the Entrance Exam (HSPT) at Regina Dominican in order to qualify for:
    • Merit-based scholarships
    • Allworth Scholars Program
  • The Entrance Exam is proctored at Regina Dominican. There is a required $25.00 testing fee upon registration. Additional exam dates will be offered throughout the semester.klj
  • Complete the online application—eighth grade students interested in applying to Regina Dominican for the 2024–25 year must apply using our online application and submit a required essay.
  • Submit school records and standardized testing scores.
  • Complete the optional Financial Aid application.

Admission to Regina Dominican is based on consideration of, but not limited to, academic performance, entrance exam scores, leadership experience and extracurricular activities, and a demonstrated passion for the mission of Regina Dominican.

Note: We are not staffed to support, and are therefore unable to offer admission to students with behavioral disorders (including but not limited to oppositional defiant disorder, intermittent explosive disorder, and school refusal).

Although our small and personalized environment is supportive, we do not provide a therapeutic educational program.

We are looking forward to seeing you on campus!


Regina Dominican does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, sex, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, religion, or mental or physical disability in the administration of its services with respect to the administration of educational policies, loan programs, athletic or other school-administered programs. As an all-girls’ school, Regina Dominican admits only female students as permitted by law. Regina Dominican will make reasonable modifications to its policies, practices, and procedures when the modifications are necessary to afford goods, services, facilities, privileges, advantages, or accommodations to individuals with disabilities. Requests for reasonable modifications may be directed to Student Services.