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Students expand vocal and instrumental talents through class work and concert performances. Performances include winter and spring concerts and the annual Benefit production. First-year students enroll in the Regina Choir to study voice and basic music theory, and in Orchestra to develop instrumental talents. Advanced singers may qualify for admission into the Regina Chorale.

Grades 9-12 | Beginner to Intermediate | 1 Semester or 1 Year

Chamber Choir students learn a variety of music styles including sacred, spirituals, Broadway, and popular music.  The course focuses on expanding musical knowledge, improving music reading, and developing singing technique.  Performances include the Christmas Concert and the Spring Concert.

No audition required.  Contact Noah Pligge at [email protected] for more information.

Grades 10-12 | Advanced | 1 Year

Regina Chorale emphasizes vocal independence and stylistic integrity in the performance of music from a variety of historical periods and styles. Students perform in the “Night of Music” and the IHSA Choral competition (when the schedule permits). During the Christmas season, Regina Chorale represents the school through performances at community and school-related functions. Chorale members must commit to a rigorous training and performance schedule. This Level 3 class provides instruction at an accelerated pace, which allows for opportunities for enrichment and deeper exploration of the subject for students whose skills are well above grade level and who are seeking greater academic challenge. 

Contact Noah Pligge at [email protected] for more information.

Grades 9-12 | Intermediate to Advanced | 1 Semester or 1 Year

This course develops instrumental skills through rehearsal and performance of a variety of styles of music. Students achieve high levels of competency with their many performance commitments. Orchestra requires participation in the Fall Musical, Christmas Concert, Spring Concert, Graduation, and assemblies, some of which take place outside of school hours. Students who demonstrate above average playing skills may contract to take this course for Level 3 credit. This course meets at 7:00 am. cccc

Audition required.  Contact Noah Pligge at [email protected] for more information.

Dance classes are open to all students! Dance classes can be taken as a P.E. Credit or Fine Arts credit. Students can select from the following course options: Dance Foundations, Modern Dance, Dance Composition, Advanced Dance and Dance Leaders (Dance Foundations must be taken as a prerequisite for all other courses). Students have the opportunity to learn many different genres of dance, including ballet, modern, jazz, contemporary, musical theatre, Ugandan, hip-hop, improvisation and composition. In addition to technique and choreography, students will also learn about the history of each genre of dance and how dance has evolved over time.
We offer dance courses for students of all experience levels – from beginner to advanced!  All students begin with Dance Foundations as a prerequisite to all other courses.  For official course descriptions, please reference the 2021-2022 Curriculum Guide. SRdance

Orchesis Dance Company is an extracurricular activity for students who enjoy dancing!  The term “Orchesis” is a Greek term that means “to dance”. Orchesis provides the opportunity for students to learn dance technique and choreography as well as the opportunity to perform at various events.  Orchesis consists mainly of student choreographed works- which allows students to use their creativity by developing their own dances for their peers. Students meet on a weekly basis to rehearse the dances that will be performed at the annual concert. Orchesis welcomes students from grades 9-12 as well as all skill levels!dnce

For more information, please contact Ally Valadez at [email protected].