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Alumnae in Sympathy

Please keep the following alumnae and their family members in your thoughts and prayers:

October 2022

Katharina Stadler Linder '79

John Huber, husband of Karen Huber (former Math teacher)

Loretta Frank, mother of Connie Frank Uselman '66, Mary Claire Frank '68, Katie Frank Warpinski '69, Margaret Frank Post '72, and Liz Frank Homerding '76

Celeste S. Boucher-Krickl '74, sister of Terry Boucher '70

Dorothy Ratcliffe, mother of Judith Ratcliffe Dworzak '66, Mary Ratcliffe Bennet '68, Nancy Ratcliffe Gati '70, and Dorothy Ratcliffe Burns '73

Mary Alice Houlihan, mother of Margaret Houlihan Smith '82 and Kathleen Houlihan Motzenbecker '82

Kenneth Paxson, father of Laura Paxson Bannon '74

September 2022

Peggy Boyle, mother of Peggy Marren '79

Carol Burke Brimstin '66, sister of the late Gail Burke Baum '64

Jim Nelson, husband of Suzanne Wieland Nelson '72

Anna Mae Scott, mother of Jennifer '73

Mary Jane Cascino, mother of Jerilyn '75

August 2022

Jane Schmiege, mother of Colleen '94, Quinn '01, and Molly '04

Stephanie Therese Fernholz, mother of Katherine Fernholz '06

John Henry Eckenroad, III, father of Meg Eckenroad '86 and Kathleen Noonan Eckenroad '87

July 2022

Marianne O'Reilly Collins, mother of Shannon Collins Weasler '93 and Megan Collins '96

Arthur Carlson, father of Melanie Carlson Peterson '81

June 2022

Kenneth Sain, father of Kelly Sain Scully '89 and Karolee Sain Keller '89

May 2022

Joseph Murphy, father of Jennifer Murphy '77, Mary Murphy '79, Veronica Murphy '82, and Denise Murphy Damasco '85

Nancy Kerrigan, mother of Sheila Kerrigan Wheeler '80 and Theresa Kerrigan '82

Patricia Finnegan Holmquist '64, sister of Kathleen Finnegan '64

Edward Blovksy, father of Helen Blovsky '88

Andrea Drugay '92, sister of Jennifer Drugay Cook '88

Stuart Radcliffe 'Skip' LaFontaine, husband of Christine Ann Mals LaFontaine '67

George Baker, father of Laurie Baker Lawlor '74 and Susan Baker Ramsey '79. Grandfather of Carolyn Dulworth '05, Katie Warrick '08, Ann Phelan '03

Joanne Versino Parks '72, sister of Linda Versino '67

April 2022

Mary Claire Dembowski Boldt '73

Marguerite Jans, mother of Maura '69, Megan '70, Colette '72, Cecilia "Pixie" '74

Joan Murnane, mother of Mary Maginot '78, Karen Mattea '80, Kathleen McKeough '82, and Molly LaPierre '86

March 2022

Mary Kate Phelan, sister of Erin Phelan '20

Bill Stark, husband of Donna Boesen Stark '77

Maurita Gill Donlin '66, sister of Claire Frye '70

Mary Margaret Seul Franke '61, mother of Lisa Marie '89

Ann Patricia Nimrod, mother of Kathleen '75, Eleanor '76, Winifred '79

February 2022

Jimmy Shea, brother of Kelly '78, Katie '81, and Megan '86

Jafar Shah-Mirany, M.D., M.S. father of Tayebe '81, Soraya '86, Soheyla '88

Buffy McNabola Rock '74, mother of Madeline '11 and Kathleen '15

John Kinsella, father of Katie Kinsella Lawler '83, Eileen Kinsella Herber '85, and Molly Kinsella Katz '86

David G. Burden, father of Elizabeth Burden Cassier '80, Juli Burden Carlin '82, Jennifer Burden Riordan '82

Dr. Maryann Michael-Bawoll '88

Barbara Marie Koziol, mother of Jennifer '89

January 2022

Mary Harrer '66, sister of Georgianne Harrer Barr '70

Eileen McDonough Moore Golan, mother of Nan Moore Smith '70 and Susan Moore Stonich '73

John Leonard Duchane, father of Laura '82

Barbara E. Baumhardt '65

Sharon Blovskymother of Helen Blovsky '88

Thomas D. Pontarelli, father of Eileen '70 and Mary Beth '82

William M. Gatti, M.D., father of Joanne '89 and Lauren '90

The Honorable Judge Thomas P. Cawley, father of Kathleen '79, Eileen '81, and Sheila '86

Joan B. Grady, mother of Peggy '75 and Joanne '88, grandmother of Emma '18

Lynda Susan Jaeger '67, sister of Gail Jaeger '68

Ellie O'Connor Raczyk '77, sister of Mary Ann O'Connor '73, Maureen O'Connor '74, and Claire O'Connor Nass '81

December 2021

June Seymour, mother of Caryn King '79

Joseph S. Kearney, Jr., father of Michaela Torrez '89 

Kathryn Ann Poczatek '73, sister of Susan Foley '84

November 2021

The Honorable Judge Thomas P. Cawley, father of Kathy Cawley '79, Eileen Cawley Stein '81, and Sheila Cawley '86

Annemarie Dee, mother of Kathleen Griffis '73, Susan Krueger '76, and Marianne Kanaley '77

S. Noreen Marie George, OP

October 2021

James T. Harrington Jr., Ph.D, brother of the late Roseanne E. Harrington '87 and Maris Harrington Tallentire '89

Herman Llerena, father of Millie '86 and the late Lieschen '89

Laura Mackie Forrest '79

Dennis Kinsella, father of Kate Kinsella Coupland '88 and Elizabeth Kinsella '89. Substitute teacher at Regina Dominican for over 19 years. 

Collette Kunzmann, mother of Cherilyn Kunzmann Schmoe ‘74, Susanne Kunzmann Sims ‘76, Catherine Kunzmann Hogan ‘77, Jennifer Kunzmann Haseley ‘84

September 2021

Joseph Stevens, father of Megan Stevens LaLonde '98

Mary Josette Miller Buehlman '65

Clara Miu-Ha Moy, mother of Rita Moy '83

Connie Peterson, mother of Dianne '69 and Nicolette '71

August 2021

Sister Helen Therese Mayer OP, former French teacher

Sandra Mazurek Walpole '64

Rev. William McNulty, former chaplain 

July 2021

Constance Sirotzki, mother of Susan Sirotzki Karnezis '82

Eileen Byrne '75

Dorothy Banas, mother of Mary Banas Hess '83

Michael McGinty, husband of Kathy Poterek McGinty '65 and father of Michelle McGinty White '99

Deborah Kory '79, sister of Pamela Kory Peter '75

Kathleen Ann Dee Griffis '73, sister of Susan Krueger '76 and Marianne Kanaley '77

Marshal McMahon, father of Tracy McMahon Dougherty '78

Dr. Jill O'Brien '65, sister of Dr. Judy Heyworth '70, aunt of Christina '09, Cathy '09, and Caroline Heyworth '09

June 2021

Shari Hanhardt Kertez '67, sister of Candice Hanhardt '68, Sara Hanhardt '69, and Joene Hanhardt Trizna '72

Nancy Frankenberg DiMaria ’65
William Webb, father of Tracy Webb ’78 and Sally Webb Hunneke ’81
Corliss Benedict, mother of Kristen Benedict Farrell ’87
Jeannie Righeimer Balsam ’86

May 2021

Dr. Rolando de la Torre, father of Ana Maria Rodriguez ’79
Peter Mangione, husband of Patricia Mullenix Mangione
Thomas McCabe, father of Mary McCabe Bedford ’77 and Molly McCabe Kalsch  ’84
Gail Keeney ’67, sister of Mariann Mannarelli ’65
Judy Finzer Ryan ’71, mother of  Liz Ryan ’01 and Kelly Ryan Gunderson ’03. Proud grandmother of Aster ’17, dear sister to Chris Finzer ’74 and Sue Finzer Clark ’76
Stephanie Mullen ’00
Mary Zayia Jones ’75, former science teacher
Jane Baylor, mother of the late Marianne Howard Collings ’71 and Elizabeth Howard Brandt ’75

April 2021

LaVerne Simpson, mother of Mary Purciarello ’78 and Patty Majerus ’79
Margaret Dichiarinte-McGovern, mother of Diane Dichiarinte Cook ’72
Patrice M. Sheahen Johannes ’63
Emily Dongo, mother of Allison Dongo ’09
Maureen Kleiderer, mother of Tricia Kleiderer ’81 and Kristin Kleiderer ’88
Robert Hoffman, husband of Barb Kinateder Hoffman ’64
Edna Marjorie Theriault, mother of Teresa Theriault Slade ’78,  Rhae Ann Theriault ’79, and Jen Theriault Sollee ’90

March 2021

Howard Jerome Sweeney, MD, father of the late Eileen Sweeney ’69, Gail Sweeney Ghere ’70, Maureen Sweeney ’76, Laura Sweeney Kelly ’78, Carolyn Greene Luczak ’78, Kathy Greene ’80, Sandy Greene Whaley ’85
Sharon Kennedy Gerlach ’81, sister of Kathleen Kennedy Tiso ’80
Bob Lee, brother of Corinne Lee McClintic ’70
Frank Romano III, husband of Patricia Kral Romano ’65, father of Elizabeth Carroll ’91, brother of Carla Grossmann ’73, Susan Hankey ’76 and the late Catherine ’70.
Carla Stone, mother of Deanna ’16
Helen Nagy, mother of Ildiko Elmore ’83
Terry O’Brien, father of Therese ’08

February 2021

Diane McDonnell Lapelle ’70, sister of Mary Lou ’71, Debbie ’76, and Katie ’80.
Christopher Coulon, brother of Terese Coulon Thompson ’80 and Ann Marie Coulon Cecchin ’81
Leslee Sawyer Sollitto ’67

January 2021

Phyllis I. Cossarek, mother of Diane ’85
Paul Dentler, father of Debbie ’92
Maryann Melone Leisner ’75, sister of Leda Melone Maggio ’76 and Elizabeth Melone DiSpirito ’78
Karen Ballinger Owen ’67
Jennifer Thomas ’76
Florence Smith, mother of Margaret Smith ’66, Elodie Smith Bacci ’70, and Patricia Smith Fischbein ’76
Kathleen Krull ’70
Mary Harrington, mother of Mary Harrington Rabinak ’86
Janet Tilley Kennedy ’63
Thomas Linkowski, father of Laura Linkowski Turner ’81 and Janice Linkowski ’89
Frank Morgan, husband of Mary Hagedorn Morgan ’72
Marilyn Lading, mother of Annemarie Lading Barter ’11
Harold Miller, father of Penny Miller Robbins ’92
Gregory Turley, husband of Nancy Krzyminski Turley ’80
Debra Russell Stone ’72


December 2020

Christel Owens, mother of Tina ’82 and Dawn ’83

John Lucas, father of Mary Beth ’90 and Megan ’91

James Burns, father of Camille Burns ’96

Linda Tuber Misch ’66, mother of Amy ’92 and Sally ’94

Bob Schultze, father of Mary ’89 and Barb ’98

Elaine Hogarty, mother of Colleen Holohan ’80

L. Germaine McNeela, mother of Teresa ’82, Laura ’86, and Jenny ’87

Julia Fletcher Schalk ’70, sister of Connie ’65

November 2020

Edward Ballatin, father of Claire Ballatin ’09

Steven Regnier, father of Jackie Regnier ’17

Carmen Phillips, mother of Yvonne Phillips Papirnik ’89

Pam Van Wagenen ’75

Marilyn Mints, mother of Mary Mints ’72, Martha Mints Boudewyns ’74, and grandmother of Liz Boudewyns Dunton ’02

October 2020

Julia Fletcher Schalk ’70, sister of Connie Fletcher ’65

Richard Lorenz, father of Anne Lorenz ’77

Barry Mithcell, father of Meg Mitchell Humphrey ’89

Sarah Comiskey Worthy ’77, sister of Jane Sinclair ’81

Julia Dowdle, mother of Sheila Dowdle Steger ’77

Fr. Matthew Gamber S.J., brother of Peggy Gamber ’83

Corazon Joson, mother of Stephanie ’99

William Lahey, father of Kristin Lahey’83, Sharon Kennedy ’85, and Tricia Switski ’88

September 2020

S. Marie Bride Walsh, OP, former faculty member

Art McGinnis, father of Susan Lutz’ 73, Julie McShane ’75, and Maureen McGinnis ’77

James Bransfield, father of Helena Harron ’89

Philip Becker, father of Sarah Becker ’13

Judith Dworzak ’66

Marianne Harty Brandenburg ’64

Marian Harris, mother of Janet DiMaggio ’75, Kathleen Harris ’77, and Julie Duff ’79

August 2020

Nancy Kenny Verheyen ’84

Suzanne Rowe Karrer ’84

Patricia Rumpsa Sullivan ’64, sister of Margie Rumpsa ’79

July 2020

Eileen Hoekstra, sister of Kathy Hicks Quinn ’89

Joan M. Mas, mother of Jayne Mas ’80

Kasey McLaughlin ’05

Rita FitzGibbons, mother of Ann FitzGibbons ’69 and Peg FitzGibbons Higgins ’71.

Michael Hurley, son of Ellen McGregor Hurley ’69.

Honorable Judge Dorothy Kirie Kinnaird, mother of Katherine Kinnaird ’08.

June 2020

Robert Brendan Connolly, father of Linda Connolly Fahrenbach ’74.

James J. Maloney, father of Patti Maloney ’75 and the late Peggy Maloney Coha ’74.

Pamela Strandberg Foster ’69

Carol Sbarboro, mother of Jennifer Sbarboro ’06

Ruth Frances Lyons, mother of Rachel Lyons Cooper ’83 and the late Alexandra Lyons Cooney ’78.

May 2020

Rita Rae Harte, mother of Eileen Harte ’80 and mother in law of Anne Maginot Harte ’81.

April 2020

Cathy Eardley Foust ’64 sister of Cynthia Eardley Pacholick ’66 and Bette Eardley Mueller ’70

Sister Sarah Cavanaugh, formerly known as Sister Michael Henry Cavanaugh. Sister served as principal of Regina Dominican from 1983-1989.

Beth Ann Denicolo ’98

Dr. Peter Sakas, father of Dr. Courtney Sakas ’08.

March 2020

Margaret (Maggie) Joan Walter ’76 sister of Patricia Walter ’62, Rita Walter ’67, Veronica Walter ’77 and Eileen Walter ’78. Margaret is also the aunt of alumnae; Katherine Fligelman Vanadia ’93, Sarah Fligelman ’94, Kristen Fligelman Licciardi ’96 and Rebecca Fligelman Garelli ’99.

Lorraine Geist mother of Margaret Geist Fox ’73 and Patricia Geist Feeley ’81.

Frances L Cannizzaro mother of Maria Cannizzaro Alderson ’74.

Marilyn B. Considine mother of Laura Considine Hehemann ’81 and Eileen Considine Boggins ’84.

Margery Wild Livingston wife of the late Homer J. Livingston, Jr. and mother of Liz Livingston Howard ’82

Daniel Nicholas Kadjan father of Danielle Kadjan Smith ’91 and father in law of Catalina Ruiz Kadjan ’88.

Sheila Brannen Ignas ’86, sister of Caroline Brannen Drake ’87 and the the late Maureen Brannen ’83.

Louis Gonzales beloved husband of Laura McManus Gonzales ’83.

February 2020

Dave Teel husband of Debbie Cannata Teel ’78. Services were held on January 29, 2020.

James E. Spiotto brother of Joan Spiotto Lynch ’68.

Sheila F. Tomaszewski mother of alumnae Laura Tomaszewski Wickert ’05, Kara ’10, Meghan Tomaszewski Gehrmann ’12 and Anna ’14.

Robert (Bob) Tracey father of Paula Tracey Graller ’73,  Raelyn Tracey Jetter ’74 and Valerie Tracey ’77

Sharon Ann Wall mother of Virginia Wall Robertson ’68, Mariann Wall Majerus ’77 and Nancy Wall Juckett ’81.

Carole Herbster ’75  Barbara Herbster Van Husen ’68.

Eleanor E.Filipek, mother of former faculty member Mary Ellen Scandale (French department from 1975-2018).

January 2020

David Teel husband of Debbie Cannata Teel ’78

Kathy Rzany former principal of Regina Dominican High School from 2002-2011 and devoted champion of Catholic education.

Jeanne Catherine Crowe mother of alumnae Catherine Crowe Hablitzel ’72, Victoria Crowe O’Neill ’75, and Sharon Crowe ’76

Mary Jill Wolf mother of Caroline Wolf Mansour ’89 and Katharine Wolf Dunn ’94

Phillip J. Wieland father of alumnae Suzanne Wieland Nelson ’72, the late Marilyn Wieland Swianek ’78, and Kathleen Wieland DiClemente ’83, stepfather to Raleigh Sadlier ’84.

Kathleen F. “Teen” Farrell, beloved wife of Walter Farrell , former Board member,  mother of Maura Farrell ’88, Regina Dominican Board Chair, and Delia Farrell Marshall ’96.

Virginia Lamermayer mother Elizabeth Lamermayer Spink ’76, Therese Lamermayer Conline ’78, Nancy Lamermayer Landis ’79 , and Kristine and Kathryn Lamermayer ’82.

John A. Nickele husband of Mary Astor Gomez ’78 and father of Katherine Nickele ’08.

Michael Kertez, husband of Shari Hanhardt Kertez ’67.

Joyce Sacha ’72 sister of Donna Sacha Imirie ’70.

Marcia Madgey Silvestri ’64 sister of Alice Madgey Lombardo ’61, Joan Madgey Ransohoff ’63, Barbara Madgey Sweeny ’66, Margaret Madgey Koehn ’68 and Dorothey Madgey Laughlin ’70.

Peggy (Mary Peg) Marsh Stall ’66.

Patricia A. Pater ’78 sister of alumnae Terese Pater Schultz ’75 and Mary Pater Serio ’77. Patricia was the beloved wife of the late David Moe.

George J. Schiro husband of Frances and father of alumna Jo Marie Schiro Lang ’84 and Rosanne Schiro.

Ana Kelly Bornhoeft ’74 sister of Patricia Kelly Dieterich ’80

December 2019

Jane McPartland Hammer ’79

Robert L. Parkinson Jr. beloved husband of Elizabeth (Betty) and father of alumnae Erin Parkinson Stober ’00 and Becky Parkinson ’03.  Robert and Betty were awarded the Regina Caeli award in 2015 for their support of Regina Dominican.George J. Schiro husband of Frances and father of alumna Jo Marie Schiro Lang ’84 and Rosanne Schiro.

Joseph Doherty father of alumnae Lisa Doherty ’79 and Jennifer Doherty ’81.

Maureen Stanton Serb ’71, sister of Mary Jean Stanton Moriarty ’77, Ellen Stanton Schneider ’80 and the late Kathleen (Kathy) Stanton Nolan ’72 and the late Patricia (Patsy) Stanton Denten ’74. Sister-in-law to Beth Baisley Stanton ’80 and Aunt to Erin Nolan Tella ‘98, Elizabeth Nolan ‘02, Meghan Moriarty ‘02, and Aileen Stanton ’16.

Jeanne M. McDonagh mother of Maureen McDonagh ’69.

Michele Lucille Comella mother of Jessica Fagin Gade ’03.

Arlene Scott Anthony former teacher at Regina Dominican and mother of Julie Anthony Grayhack ’78 and the late Mary Carol Anthony O’Brien ’77.

November 2019

Gerald Ottesen, father of Amy Ottesen Reichle ’93.

Dr. Matilda Kimovec,  mother of Maria Kimovec Grutsch, MD ’73 and Irene Kimovec Szuba, MD, JD ’75

October 2019

Marilyn Wieland Swiantek ’78

Sister Ann Romayne Fallon, O.P.. Sister Ann Romayne served at Regina Dominican for thirteen years, six years as the principal and seven years as president.

Sister Geneve Moran, BVM, 93, former faculty

Mark J. Vallortigara, husband of Deb Arado Vallortigara ’77.

Trudy Short Kelly, mother of Colleen Kelly Frasure ’78.

September 2019

Mary Pat Bolin Casper ’69, sister of Colleen Bolin Rothing ’76 and Eileen Bolin Murphy ’79.

August 2019

Mary Cohn mother of Elizabeth (Kate) Cohn ’96.

Patricia Moore Brick ’64.

Grace G Weir mother of Maribeth Weir Battista ’79

July 2019

Mary Gilbert Pomerantz ’73

Sharon Armanetti D’Amico ’75 sister of Diane Armanetti ’74 and Linda Armanetti Fetel ’76.

Therese Altimari mother of Jamie Altimari ’73.

Michael G. Kaminski father of Krystyna Kaminski ’16.

Robert F. Welch father of Dawn Welch Brown ’81.