Project Innovation Fair: Junior Leadership Scholars launch compelling apps

WILMETTE, Ill –Regina Dominican High School’s Leadership Institute held their Project Innovation Fair on Friday, March 17, 2023. 

The entrepreneurial Leadership Scholars from the Class of 2024 designed 7 new products to share with the Regina Dominican community. Students, faculty, and staff heard the product pitches during the school’s morning meeting on Wednesday, March 15. 

The fair was held in the gym during Friday’s lunch and advisory. Each student, faculty, and staff, were given three user and three investor tickets that they distributed to their top three products. The user tickets were given to products a person would be interested in downloading or purchasing and the investment tickets were given to products individuals would want to invest in the development of. 

The winning apps of the innovation fair are listed below: 

  • Overall Winner: ACNO which would allow you to take a quiz, scan your current skin care products, see recommendations, and purchase through the app. It also includes a daily check in and trending now feature. The goal is to provide users with accurate and independent skin care information to promote better health. (Lily Grillo, Millie Kadjan, Kate Ludden, and Maddie Witchger)
  • Consumer’s Choice: Med Up would allow students to keep track of medications: when to take, times for refills, and a way to track symptoms and connect with your doctor. The goals are to encourage independence for adolescents, keep families organized, and teach about medications and self-care. (Emma Bevenour, Maggie Bramblet, Delany Kevin, and Cece Morris)
  • Investors Choice: G-Free and Me would include a scanner to determine if food items are safe to eat, a map to provide users with gluten-friendly restaurants in the areas, and recipes to allow users to connect and share recipes. The mission is to reduce the burden for the gluten-free community and have easier access to products and places.(Phoebe Frisch, Nora McNaugton, Daniella O'Connor, and Payton Olszewski)

All of these innovative apps have the potential to become actual products.