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Regina Dominican provides an all-girls environment of academic innovation & rigor that challenges students at the highest levels.  We offer a distinctive and customized experience for girls that prepares every Regina Girl to lead and have an impact in the 21st Century.  We ensure that every Regina girl gains leadership insight and experience that will facilitate her success in college and beyond.

Built on a tradition of women leaders, Regina Dominican has reinforced leadership and confidence in its 10,000+ graduates through a faith-based private high school education. As a result, alumnae can be found throughout the world working in a myriad of positions, including CEOs, judges, attorneys, nurses, doctors, teachers, and mothers of future generations.

Regina Dominican is a sponsored institution of the Adrian Dominican Sisters. In all of their ministries—education, health care, pastoral and retreat ministry, the arts, social work, ecology, and peace and justice advocacy—they strive to live out their vision: to seek truth, make peace, reverence life. They trace their roots to St. Dominic in the 13th Century and continue their Dominican tradition of preaching through prayer, study, common life, and ministry.

Regina Dominican is a college preparatory Catholic high school for young women, sponsored by the Adrian Dominican Sisters.


Per our Mission Statement, we foster academic excellence, truth, peace, and justice while challenging each student to develop leadership for life and respect for all races, cultures and faiths

As our 60th anniversary approached, Regina’s Board of Directors and members of key leadership re-affirmed this mission and, to ensure it was being effectively and successfully achieved, conducted a careful examination of our strategic path.

After all, more than a half-century had passed during which there had literally been decades of historic changes to society, culture, economics, technology, the political climate, the family structure and more. All of these factors influence how a school imparts education and how it prepares a student to forge her own future.

To properly explore and address these many issues, committees were formed: Student Experience, People Development, Constituents and Finance.

Ultimately after much time, research and thoughtful consideration, Regina unveiled a renewed Strategic Plan that focused on achieving key outcomes for both the Student and the Institution:









Students mature in an environment that supports self-discovery and builds confidence.

We prepare students for admission to and academic achievement in top universities.

We are a family grounded in care and authenticity from the first day of class throughout adulthood

We have an institutional and personal commitment to support each other in achieving great things in the world.

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  • Sense of Identity in a Community. Regina is a community in which students are accepted for themselves and they develop personal relationships that are caring and supportive.
  • Personal Strengths and Power. Students are provided opportunities to achieve in athletics and fine arts and participate in service opportunities to experience contributing to others.
  • Citizen of the World. Students have a worldwide perspective on their lives and feel they are able to have a global impact.
  • Supportive Staff and Faculty. Students are known students on an individual level, there is a shared interest in each student’s development as a whole person.


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  • Academic Rigor. Regina offers academically challenging courses, as well as the tools and training to achieve academically.
  • Strategic Curriculum. We offer high-quality core and AP courses that allow students to explore their interests.
  • Culture of Scholarship. Students are actively engaged in learning and learn from each other.
  • Environment for Learning.  Regina provides state-of-the-art technology and facilities that support a range of learning experiences.

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  • Lifelong Relationships. At Regina a student forms friendships and memories that last a lifetime, that prove to be supportive and mentoring relationships at all stages of life.
  • Authentic Acceptance. At Regina we want each person to be her true self. There is unconditional acceptance and support for each person.
  • Together in Faith. There is recognition of the spiritual journey each person is on, it is a welcoming and supportive community of discovery.
  • Compassion and Forgiveness. There is recognition that each person stumbles on their journey, so we provide caring, forgiveness and support to move on.

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  • Clarity of Purpose. Each student develops an understanding of what gives them purpose, and the courage and conviction to dream and aspire.
  • Unlimited Potential. There is confidence that each student can do great things and a belief that until we try we don’t know our boundaries.
  • Support for Action. Expertise across our school family is freely shared and resources are made available if possible.
  • Celebration for Progress. We celebrate incremental progress as well as big wins and there is recognition that trying and falling short is how we learn and succeed.

The Power of All Girls

If you want your daughter to reach her full potential, Regina Dominican is the school for you and your family.

Regina Dominican’s all-girls environment will give your daughter the confidence to push herself. Our faculty and staff will challenge your daughter to excel, teach her to be a confident leader in her community and inspire her to live up to her full potential.

Regina Dominican is a school where your daughter can learn that there is enormous potential and power in being a girl, and nothing can stand in her way.

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 is the official magazine of Regina Dominican High School. “Veritas” is the Latin word for “truth," and it is the motto of the Dominican Order. The magazine offers a glimpse into the Regina Dominican community, covering school news, special events, and alumnae updates. Included in the print magazine is the annual report for the previous fiscal year.  Reproduction in whole or part is prohibited without consent or written permission.

Below you’ll find digitized copies of the last few years of Veritas issues, as well as a separate copy of last year’s annual report.

Click on the image to open the PDF:



2021 Veritas Magazine


2020 Veritas                                                 

2020 Veritas Magazine


2019-20 Annual Report

2020 Annual Report


2019 Veritas 

2019 Veritas Magazine                                                     


2018 Veritas                                                       

2018 Veritas Magazine                                                          


2017 Annual Report                                                

2017 Veritas Magazine