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Greetings from the President

Elizabeth Pattara-Schuster

Welcome to Regina Dominican High School!


We have been fostering academic excellence under the welcoming umbrella of the Dominican motto of Veritas (truth) for over 62 years. This extraordinary educational experience has launched generations of  inspiring and successful women.


RDHS is a unique jewel on the North Shore that focuses exclusively on young women and helps them not only reach their greatest potential but do so with joy and happiness. Research shows that all-girls schools produce students with a higher level of self confidence and create a healthier environment of academic achievement.


The multi-faceted educational experience provided at RDHS creates a long-lasting impact. Our personalized approach to learning yields unlimited opportunities for students to fearlessly explore their own strengths, and is unmatched in Chicagoland.  We offer a myriad of challenging courses, athletics and co-curricular activities.  80% of students participate in our athletic programs and 100% participate in either athletics or other co-curricular activities. This matters not only for admission to top tier universities, but research has also proven that it improves academic achievement, self confidence and fosters the development of essential life skills. Regina Dominican  provides and supports a foundation for the whole girl.


As a faith based community deeply rooted in our Catholic Dominican history we challenge each other to stretch and be our best not only for ourselves, but in service to others. We are a community that works through love and unity to create a positive learning environment guided by the Dominican pillars of Prayer, Study, Service and Community.


We look forward to welcoming you on campus for a tour, shadow day or open house to learn more about what you can expect from an extraordinary Regina Dominican education.



Elizabeth Schuster