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Regina Run for the Roses

Welcome to a brand new Regina Dominican event!

Our “Night at the Races” is sponsored by the Regina Booster Club.

Saturday, March 25, 6:00 pm


The event is an audience participation event that mimics the ambiance of your favorite day at the race track.  Actual horse races are shown by DVD and feature on-site betting booths.  Each participant also has the experience of becoming an owner of your very own horse. You get to name your horse, and jockey, so get creative.  If your horse wins the race they are entered in, you get to compete in the final race for a chance to win the $1000 grand prize.

Admission for the evening is $50, which includes ownership of your horse and $25 in betting “funny money”.  Get your friends, family, and neighbors together and reserve tables of up to 8 people.

Here is how everything will work:  

There will be a total of 10 races, with the tenth race being the grand prize race.  Betting will be “win” only, there is no betting for “place” or “show”.  Participants can bet on any horse they wish, and on all races, not just the race their horse runs in.  Betting windows will open before each race and will close shortly before the race is shown on the video boards.  Payouts will be computed before the race is shown and will be announced to the crowd.  All bets will be in $2 increments and will be accepted via cash or “funny money”.  After the race is final, the payout will be distributed to the winners. The windows will then open for the next race and the process continues.  The owner of the horse that wins the race will be provided with the winner's purse (to be determined) and will then have the opportunity to have their horse participate in the grand finale race at the end of the evening, and a chance at the $1000 prize. 

Doors will open at 6 pm and participants will have the ability to bring your own refreshments and food.  If your group is interested, there will be the opportunity to order pizza through a local delivery service, at the participant's expense.  

First race post-time will be at 7 pm.

All proceeds will go toward the Booster Club for the benefit of the Regina Dominican Athletic Department. 

Please Note:  We are restricted to the first 90 paid participants for horse ownership, so sign up early.